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About Fine Lines

Collaboration with Carol A. Wilson Architect
Letter From Our Founder

Welcome to Fine Lines Construction

Once a two-person endeavor more than 30 years ago, Fine Lines Construction has grown into an established team that is intentional in size and expertise. As a company, we’ve evolved to not only develop mastery of a great range of building services, but the ability to deliver every detail of expansive projects with time-honored precision.

What sets Fine Lines apart? I believe it is our people. All of us care about our craft, our clients, and each other. Our ability to listen, understand, and connect with our clients is as important as our craftsmanship. We love when a home performs elegantly, supporting the lifestyle and vision it was built to deliver.

As founder, I am proud of and humbled by our longevity and our work and thank the hundreds of clients we have had the pleasure of serving. At Fine Lines Construction, we stand behind our work. Our many repeat clients show that we stand behind our words as well.

We look forward to meeting you and ultimately sharing the adventure of watching your project come to life.

Fine Lines works to establish trust and build lasting relationships. We understand what’s necessary of seamless projects, and we cater to the expectations and details that ensure it. We also recognize that choosing a contractor is a large decision, one of the biggest investments you may make — we welcome you to reach out, have a conversation and see if it’s a good fit.


Ted Andrews, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right time to contact you about my project?

It is never too early. We can answer questions about potential projects, relative costs, collaboration with architect and design professionals, new building versus remodeling and how it all works.

Our initial visits are remarkably informative and are always done at no charge or obligation. We are happy to have the opportunity to meet.

How do we know the project envisioned is within our target budget?

This is a core function of our build process, continually checking costs as designs are being conceived and developed – and transparently relaying financial information to keep clients informed and involved.

We have cost data from hundreds of projects and experience in all aspects and types of residential work. We use this to quickly estimate complete project costs from a sketch on a napkin to a fully developed set of plans.

How long will the build process take?

The length of a project depends largely on its size and complexity. The optimal schedule is one that allows for design development and for quality workmanship, all progressing uninterrupted.

We estimate a project schedule in our preliminary meetings. We believe it is essential that all parties are realistic on the amount of time and energy one can devote to the process without undue stress, and we find it to be most effective to have open communication about this from the beginning and throughout.

During construction, you will have two people guiding your project and serving you to assure quality at every stage of the process – including a dedicated Foreman, always onsite, and a Project Manager who is central to all communication, scheduling, and project financials.


Connection Is The First Thing We Build

With more than 30 years of experience, Fine Lines Construction brings time-honored craftsmanship and a rare level of mastery to residential building and remodeling in Southern and Midcoast Maine.

We believe that our ability to listen, understand, and connect with our clients is as important as our craftsmanship – and that your vision, goals, and expectations define all that follows.